January 12, 2019

Holiday Party

Green Brook, New Jersey

Written by: John Loder

On Saturday January 12, 2019 we suited up in flannel shirts, channeled our inner Lumberjack and let loose for an axe-kicking time. For this year's Holiday Party the DMA headed to Stumpy's Hatchet House in Green Brook, NJ for some friendly, yet competitive, hatchet throwing.

Of course it wouldn't be a holiday party without a snow storm looming somewhere in the mid-west prior to the event and forecast to hit NJ Saturday night into Sunday morning. Thankfully the snow held off until early Sunday morning and everyone made it to Stumpy’s safely.

Even though I am the DMA Treasurer I decided to see if I could find something completely different to host our annual Holiday Party. Stumpy's Hatchet House certainly met the criteria of being "different" that I was looking for. When I proposed Stumpy’s to my fellow officers I was certain they would think I lost my mind. Thankfully it was met with a positive response from the officers and many members as well and promptly got to work in booking the event.

So what is Stumpy's Hatchet House all about? In their safe, controlled throwing pits, you take turns hurling your hatchet to the target, honing in on your form and technique. After about fifteen minutes or so with an axe coach, everyone was ready to begin hitting the targets and honing in on the bullseye.

Each person throws, recording the points from each round... first person to 21 points wins! Keeping score did not seem to be a priority though as most of us were just happy to get our ax to hit somewhere on the target instead of bouncing off and landing on the floor. We had two private throwing pits reserved for the DMA and a personal throwing coach to provide a safety lesson, instructions on how to throw an ax and keep score.

When not throwing, everyone gathered in the common area with farm tables and comfy couches for our catered dinner from a local restaurant. So what was for dinner you ask? Dinner included chicken "surprise" (which nobody questioned during the sign-up but was actually chicken marsala... LOL), penne with vodka sauce, sausage with peppers and a garden salad.

We also held our holiday party / white elephant gift exchange. As usual this provided some interesting gifts, lots of crafty plot stealing to take gifts away from others and as always many laughs.

In all we had twenty-nine DMA members in attendance...twenty three Lumberjacks and six spectators.

So how many DeLoreans were there you ask? Only one lonesome DeLorean was spotted in Stumpy's parking lot. Bringing a DeLorean is generally rare for the Holiday Party as many of us store our cars for the winter or not driven during snow, especially once the roads have been treated with salt.

The evening did not end at Stumpy's as many of us ventured to a nearby Sonic for dessert despite it being a very cold and windy night here in NJ. Going to a nearby Sonic after an event has become somewhat of an occasional tradition. Thankfully this Sonic has an enclosed dining area so we were able to keep warm while continuing the evening’s festivities late into the night.

Oh and that snowstorm looming in the mid-west arrived in NJ early Sunday morning but thankfully only hit us with a range of a dusting to an inch of snow.

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