December 9, 2006

Holiday Party

New York City, New York

Written by: Kevin Abato

The 2005 Holiday party in Philadelphia, PA last year was such a blast, we decided to keep with the "big city" theme and hold the 2006 party in "The City that never sleeps". Look out New York, here comes the DMA!

The club treasurer Lauren Reily was kind enough to organize this year's holiday party, and she did a fantastic job in setting up an amazing holiday filled evening for members in attendance.

With unusually warm weather working in our favor, many of us took advantage of spending extra time in NYC and seeing the sites of The Big Apple.

A few members arrived in the city early in the day to take in the sites, do some shopping, and enjoy the bustling NYC streets to sample some of the holiday cheer. We walked down 5th avenue to see some of the famous store front window displays, toured Grand Central Station for the light show in the main concourse, walked along Central Park, and gazed at the LONG line to get into F.A.O. Schwartz Toy store. (Umm...does the line to get in REALLY stretch all the way down around one city block? Yeah? Ok... It looks cool enough from out here. Lets keep going.)

One thing you can say for walking around New York City is that it makes you very hungry. Lauren had set up this year's holiday party dinner at Todd English's - English is Italian restaurant. For those of you who are not familure with Mr. English, he is a famous Celebrity Chef who is on television and has several restaurants in the NYC area.

This particular restaurant was unique in that it serves dinner "Family Style" and there is no menu! That's right! You eat, what the chef makes (Didn't your mother used to make that statement to you as a kid?)

One fixed price, all you can eat, and plates of food just keep coming out from the kitchen loaded with goodies for everyone at your table to enjoy.

Dinner was a fantastic delight. We all enjoyed the fact that if something came out to the table that you liked, you could simply ask for more, and more, and more, and more!. "Oh wait... There's HOW Many courses? Five? Ummmm... we're only on number two and I am getting full! Better slow down."

Dinner was at a casual pace. We sat for several hours sampling all of the dishes, telling jokes and stories, laughing, and catching up with one another. After dinner, it was back out to hit the city streets. NYC in December at night? Only one place to go... Rockefeller Center for the Christmas Tree!

Walking after dinner was just what the Doctor ordered. A little fresh air, and just a few blocks of travel time landed us in the heart of the holiday spirit. 5th Avenue and Rockefeller Center. This is a site you have to see at least once in your life. Between the lights, the ice skating, the decorations, and the electricity of the holiday spirit, you will enjoy yourself to no end.

Lauren had one more surprise for us before the evening was over. She had arranged to for us to all come back to her place for a festive holiday dessert party.

How do you get to Lauren's place? That's easy. Walk through that little place called Times Square!

Lauren had really done an excellent job planning out this evening for all of us who attended. We never expected her to roll out the red carpet and have all of us to her apartment. This truly was a treat for us and was the icing on top of the cake! She had holiday music playing, desserts that were to die for, and tons of holiday drinks ready to be served.

As we drew close the late hours of the night, the party came to an end. We all wished each other well, and a safe and happy holiday season. We hope to see all of you at our next event: DMA Spring Social 2007!

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