Frequently Asked Questions

I am interested in learning more about DeLoreans or possibly owning one. Where can I find more information?

The best place to start is by joining the DMA! Our events are open to all owners and enthusiasts and include a 'family-like' friendly atmosphere. Network with other members to find a DeLorean for sale within the community or talk with owners who can share their experience in working on their own cars.

In addition to the information below, there are also a few public forums worth checking out, such as DMCTalk or various DeLorean groups on Facebook.

How many DeLoreans were built?

There were roughly 9,000 DeLoreans built from 1981 to 1983 in Dunmurry, Ireland. It is estimated that around 6,000 still exist today.

How fast is it? What kind of engine?

The stock DeLorean has a 130hp PRV engine (Peugeot/Renault/Volvo). The 1984 models were slated to offer a turbo model that never made it to production. The stock car's top speed is 125mph

Is the car made of Stainless Steel or Aluminium?

The body is made of stainless steel panels mounted to a fiberglass underbody. The front and rear fascias of the car are the only part that is painted. The frame of the car is still prone to rust.

What do you use to clean/care for stainless steel?

Most owners use soap and water to wash the car, and a final polish with stainless steel cleaners (used for appliances). Others use glass cleaners for a healthy shine. Minor scratches and scrapes can be removed with a scotchbrite pad (NEVER steel wool). For any dents, the stainless body panels can be replaced or repaired by an experienced DeLorean mechanic.

Were the cars ever painted?

Although no cars left the factory painted, some dealers and owners did use a process outlined by the factory to paint them. It is sometimes more economical to paint a car that has been damaged in an accident than to repair or replace the panels with original stainless steel. The painted cars tend to be less valuable than the stainless ones so some owners have stripped the paint off.

This car is a real classic... what is it worth?

The car originally sold for $24,000 in the early 80s, and DeLoreans can be found today for sale in many different conditions and prices. A car that needs a lot of TLC can be found for around $8,000 while a perfect condition car could fetch $30-40,000.

How do you open the doors in tight parking spots?

The DeLorean door only needs 14 inches of clearance (less then a regular car) so it can actually fit in tighter spots then most other cars.

I have seen some DeLoreans with minor differences. What options were offered on the cars?

There were only a few options offered on the cars in the three years of production. Most of the more dramatic differences are customizations done by their owners.

The windows seem... small!

Yes they are! They are called "Toll Booth Windows". Since air conditioning came standard in the car, it was believed the only reason for a window was to pay tolls. The car was designed with the six inch windows that are outlined in the bottom center of the driver and passenger doors.

Parts must be hard to come by... who would even be able to fix such a car?

Parts are easily obtainable for DeLoreans. When the factory shut down in the mid 1980s, the parts were bought by a large vendor, several original dealerships, and many individual owners. Parts are still widely available today, and many rare parts are being re-produced. There are several major vendors/shops around the country that specialize in the car. The DeLorean Mid-Atlantic Club's main shop is P.J. Grady DeLorean Sales and Services in Long Island, NY.

John DeLorean went to jail for shipping drugs in the cars... right?

John DeLorean was acquitted of all charges in the drug trafficking sting set up by the FBI. He never served any time in jail and lived in the northern NJ area until he died. No drugs were ever shipped in DeLorean automobiles despite urban legend rumors.

Where is the Flux Capacitor? Can you travel back in time? Where is Mr. Fusion?

Hmmm... never heard THOSE jokes before ;)

Is the car a lot of fun to drive?

OHHHH YES! Although underpowered by today's standards, the DeLorean is still a great car to drive. It handles beautifully, and owners enjoy getting all the looks and "thumbs up" while we drive it around town or on the highway.

I have a family member, siginificant other or friend that is really into Back to the Future and/or DeLoreans. Would it be possible to rent one for an event or photoshoot?

We do receive requests occasionally for DeLorean rentals. While we are not a rental agency, as a courtesy, we can forward your request to our member base and if anyone is interested, they will contact you directly. However, we can make no guarantee that someone will be available to attend your event. Please contact the club officers if you'd like to inquire.