Sept 19, 2020

Virtual Meeting

Online via Zoom

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Manson Presenting

Hot Wheels Card

7:00 PM

Guest Speaker - Manson Cheung

We'll be hosting another guest speaker virtual session, this time with Manson Cheung, Hot Wheels 3D Modeler and Designer. He was a key role in bringing the DeLorean Hot Wheels car to life and will be sharing his experience working at Mattel, the process behind creating the DeLorean Hot Wheels model, and all the fanfare around the promotion.

So how does this work?

We'll be hosting the conference session via Zoom. We don't have a limit on the number of attendees. We will send the link to the Zoom conference room with instructions 24 hrs prior to start. You will have the option to use audio or webcam video, but video is highly encouraged! Please be sure to join promptly as we will allow the first 5-10 minutes for everyone to get online and setup.

Open Happy Hour

We'll leave the conference line open for any additional time with Manson, as well as any open conversations. There's no rush to boot anyone off! You're welcome to dial-in whenever and participate at your own comfort level.

How to RSVP

Please send an email to to register your interest to attend the event. We will send the link and full instructions to registered participants with the virtual conference room with instructions 24 hrs prior to event start.