Jan 31, 2020

Virtual Meeting

Online via Zoom

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Team Deloman Workshop

Gullwing Beauties

Stack of DeLoreans

11:00 AM EST

Guest Speaker - Wolfgang Hank

Join us for brunch as we welcome Wolfgang Hank, who will be joining us virtually from Germany. Wolfgang is famously known for the DeLorean World Tour and his team's engineering solutions to outfit their DeLoreans to make the trip across the globe. Wolfgang manages the Team Deloman workshop and is well known for working on many DeLorean Club Deutschland cars on the road, as well as working on many unique restoration projects such as a Race Track ready Delorean with updated suspension, Gold Delorean, AZ-1, and most recently, Pilot 21.

Wolfgang will be leading us on a tour through his new workshop, showcasing the tools and technologies used to work on DeLoreans, as well as showcasing the project cars along the way. The workshop is an impressive space with many collectibles and interesting things to see. Bring your questions and interest as participating is encouraged along the tour!

So how does this work?

We'll be hosting the conference session via Zoom. We don't have a limit on the number of attendees. We will send the link to the Zoom conference room with instructions 24 hrs prior to start. You will have the option to use audio or webcam video, but video is highly encouraged! Please be sure to join promptly as we will allow the first 5-10 minutes for everyone to get online and setup.

Open Happy Hour

We'll leave the conference line open for any additional time with Wolfgang, as well as any open conversations. There's no rush to boot anyone off! You're welcome to dial-in whenever and participate at your own comfort level.

How to RSVP

Please send an email to officers@deloreanmidatlantic.com to register your interest to attend the event. We will send the link and full instructions to registered participants with the virtual conference room with instructions 24 hrs prior to event start.